Greg and Brad are two hard and nasty dudes who never seem to get enough sex! Their fantasies are all they have on Saturday night when they watch X rated films at home. The guys decide to solve this predicament by strolling to Hollywood and try breakin ‘into the porn biz. When their plan for hardcore stardom falls short, they determine to open their possess studio and audition young succulent starlets on their own casting couch. Soon the dry spells is over for our studley directors! Hot nasty starlets dying to break into the business freely audition themselves to look at if they have the accurate stuff. The guys closely screen each and every lovely woman to look at who will be breakin ‘into the lusty life of hardcore stardom.

Lenght: 01:09:23

Year: 1986

Director: Jerome Tanner

Jeanna Fine   
Nina Hartley   
Shanna McCullough   
Sharon Mitchell   
Siobhan Hunter   
Taija Rae   
Hershel Savage   
Joey Silvera   
John Leslie   
Randy Paul   

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Lenght: 01:13:40

Year: 1987

Director: Jeff Satkin

Alexis Firestone   
Cara Lott   
Krista Lane   
Jerry Butler   
Randy Paul   

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Peer around the arousing offices and orifices of the world’s most lewd lingerie company. From the boardroom to the bedroom, these sirens of silk ensure total, employee satisfaction. Expertly trained to raise your staff’s moral, these luscious dykes make their business your pleasure. In Vixens Debi Diamond leads the back along with, Jade East, Jeanna Lynn, Mandi Wine, Nikki Knight, Raven Richards, Sasha, and Trinity Loren!

Lenght: 01:13:37

Year: 1989

Director: N/A

Debi Diamond   
Jade East   
Mandi Wine   
Nikki Knight   
Raven Richards   

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The most dazzling chick in the world is a serf. She is one of many in the Prince’s harem… guarded from the world; her sole purpose is to satisfy his insatiable sexual hunger! Brought to you by the Italian King of Porn, Mario Salieri… enter his world of debauchery and wickedness!

Lenght: 01:18:33

Year: 1992

Director: Mario Salieri

Deborah Wells   
Emma Rush   
Lynn LeMay   
Rita Olivski   
Sunny McKay   
Franck Morris   
Franco Retina   
Luigi Prestisimone   
Marco Canfora   
Mariano Esposito   
Mario De Sica   
Maurizio Limone   
Maurizio Segni   
Nicky Alema   
Nicola D’Alessi   
Ossedh Mallah   
Patrick Le Nain   
Philippe Soine   
Roberto Malone   
Ron Jeremy   
Salem Fatah   
Sergio De Simone   
Sergio Parrelli   
Yuri Ostackly   
Yves Baillat   

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German Bestseller from Videorama

Length: 01:25:54

Year: 1991

Director: Harry S. Morgan

Anita Stiller   
Debbie van Gils   
Hiltrud Eder   
Jasmin Duran   
Silvia Dany   
Harry Killer   
Alex Strasser   

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German Bestseller from Videorama

Lenght: 01:28:29

Year: 1994

Director: Harry S. Morgan

Erika Bella   
Natalie Raab   
Karina D   
Henry van Damp   
Fritz Klausinger   

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German Bestseller from Videorama

Lenght: 01:21:04

Year: 1992

Director: Henri Pachard

Jeannie Pepper   
Sharon Kane   
Susan Vegas   
Steve Vegas   

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Lenght: 01:13:39

Year: 1989

Director: Hector Casteneda

Dana Dylan   
Janey Robbins   
Kristara Barrington   
Lili Marlene   
Purple Passion   
Billy Dee   
Eric Edwards   
F.M. Bradley   
Jon Martin   
Marc Wallice   
Rick Savage   
Scott Irish   
Tom Byron   

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A workout in the weight space provokes a truly exciting sexual encounter for a sweaty Barbie and Sascha. Shauna McCullough and Brett Davis are a duo that quickly moves from artistic to flirtatious as body painting party heats up to a full Kemtone Klimax. Then virgin Tom brags to his buddy about all the hot lasses he’s had until his friend sets him up for a one-on-one with Rachel. Up next is a ravishing encounter between two agents with Amber trying to acquire Jerry to spill the beans about his formula. After that Christy goes all out to convince Ron of her sincerely in one of the hottest scenes she’s ever filmed. And last, but not least, Robin calls up her friend Bunny to help tease beau Steve into action. She gets plenty!

Lenght: 01:22:18

Year: 1988

Director: John Shubert

Amber Lynn   
Barbie Dahl   
Bunny Bleu   
Christy Canyon   
Rachel Ashley   
Robin Cannes   
Shauna McCullough   
Brett Davis   
Jerry Butler   
Ron Jeremy   
Sascha Gabor   
Steve Drake   
Tom Byron   

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Lenght: 00:58:52

Year: 1976

Director: Warren Evans

C.J. Laing   
Leslie Lamour   
Marlene Willoughby   
Pola Black   
John Buco   
Leo Lovemore   
Mel Light skinned   
Russ Carlson   

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